Frequently asked questions


Before applying for any type of loan, you should always do your research and understand its benefits and drawbacks.

Our FAQ includes many Questions and Answers related to online loans.

Can I get an installment loan with no credit check in Canada?

Yes, there are many alternative lenders in Canada who are willing to provide you with an installment loan without a credit check. However, they will base your creditworthiness on other factors such as your income, employment stability and debt-to-income ratio

How can I increase my chance of being approved for a no credit check loan?

When you apply for a no credit check loan, your income, employment stability, and debt-to-income ratio are examined instead of your credit score. As such, improving on these factors can help increase your chances of being approved.

Should I get a payday loan or a no credit check installment loan?

If you have a choice, always choose an installment loan or personal loan over a payday loan. Payday loans are short-term loans that are very expensive with APRs reaching well beyond 400%. Installment loans, on the other hand, have much lower APRs and more flexible repayment options. This ensures your payments are affordable and will not cause financial strain on your day-to-day life.

How does applying for a loan through Cash Loans Now help me?

At Cash loans now, we are committed to matching our clients with lenders they have a high chance of being approved with. Our system pairs you with lenders who accept applicants based on your financial situation and needs.